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HT6 CCD type loop Scanner
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HT6 CCD type loop Scanner

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HT6 looper scannerThe optical system scans the object of the thermal radiation in the field of view, so that the position of the object to be measured is in one-to-one correspondence with the position of the image on the line CCD sensor. By collecting, the highest and lowest signals of the object to be measured are taken out. Conversion processing, which can select the analog voltage or current signal of the highest, lowest or middle digit and the switching signal of the measured object in place.



1. Compatible with HT2, DANELI DC6500 series

2. Can be used for position detection of double-cut and multi-segment rolling production lines

3. Light column display or digital display with simulated hot steel

4. Can be used as a scanning hot metal detector

5. The outer casing is made of aluminum die-cast structure, which is light and reliable

6. Select high, medium and low position output


Technical parameters

Working voltage: DC24V or AC220V

Detection temperature: 700 ° C ~ 1200 ° C

Output: analog and switching

Scanning angle: vertical 10°,30°,50°

                          Horizontal 1.7°,2°,2.5°

Response time: 2ms analog, 2ms level, 15ms contact

Working temperature: -25 ° C ~ 70 ° C, add water and cool to 100 ° C


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