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DIT1 two-color infrared thermometer
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DIT1 two-color infrared thermometer

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Working principle

The two-color infrared thermometer is also called the colorimetric thermometer: it uses the ratio of the infrared radiation energy of the two bands in the adjacent channel to determine the temperature. The relationship between the ratio and the temperature is linear. This is determined by the performance of the detector. The surface temperature of the object is obtained according to different dual band ratios.


Two-color infrared thermometer features

● Stainless steel casing

● Cooling device, which can make the thermometer work continuously under high temperature environment after water cooling

● Insensitive to water mist and dust in the measurement environment

● Integrated design, easy installation and commissioning


Technical parameters

Working voltage: DC24V

Temperature range: 350~1400°C; 700~1400°C; 600~1200°C; 600~1600°C, etc.

Measurement accuracy: ± 1°C%

Response time: 20ms

Signal output: analog 4-20mA; upper and lower limit alarm switch; RS485

Working environment: 0-60 ° C, up to 130 ° C after adding water and cold


Model Description



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