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LMD3 laser measuring sensors
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LMD3 laser measuring sensors

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The LMD3 laser rangefinder is designed for distance measurement of fixed and moving objects.


● Maintains high measurement accuracy and reliability in harsh outdoor environments.

● The measuring range is up to 50 meters.

● The maximum temperature of the target to be measured can reach 1200 degrees.

● Use a visible laser beam to easily aim at the object under test.

● Flexible and expandable connection cable for easy power supply.

● Through a microcomputer or laptop, you can enter various function commands to start measurement or output measurement results.

● The digital output and analog output can be programmed separately with different parameters.

● Set the distance range arbitrarily and use the digital output to indicate the positive and negative overshoot of the distance.


Working principle

The LMD3 laser range finder uses the phase comparison principle for measurement. The laser sensor emits a visible laser beam of different frequencies, receives the scattered laser light returned from the object to be tested, compares the received laser signal with the participating signal, and finally, uses the microprocessor to calculate the distance between the objects corresponding to the phase offset. , can achieve mm level measurement accuracy.


Technical Parameters

Measuring range: 0.2~10m

Metering Security Level: II

Response time: 66ms

Measurement accuracy: ±10mm

Working voltage: DC24V

Output signal: 4~20mA


Model Description


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