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Magnetic proximity switch

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Compared with the inductive proximity switch, the magnetic proximity switch has the main advantages of strong anti-interference ability, good waterproof performance, long moving distance and high temperature resistance. Applicable to some occasions with high requirements, widely used in metallurgy, machinery, mining, electric railway, military, textile, plastic and other industries.

This product adopts imported high-quality, high-sensitivity switching components and permanent magnets with high temperature resistance of 220 °C or above to ensure reliable operation of the product. Generally speaking, the larger the geometrical size of the detecting magnet and the larger the operating distance of the switch, the larger the size of the magnet is recommended if the mounting conditions permit. When selecting the output mode and working current, the choice of capacity must be coordinated.


Model Description



Various wiring diagrams (output form)



Precautions for use

1. It is strictly forbidden to connect under the condition of turning on the power, and strictly follow the standard color wiring on the wiring diagram.

2. The distance between the switch sensing surface and the object to be tested should generally be within 80% of the rated operating distance to ensure reliable operation of the switch.

3. Proximity switches are generally not suitable for series or parallel use. If necessary, it is recommended to use intermediate relays in series and parallel to drive the load.

4. The DC type switch must be powered by a DC regulated power supply with a voltage ripple of less than 10% (Vpp).

5. The two-wire switch (whether AC or DC) must be connected to the power supply via the load first, otherwise the switch will be damaged.

6. The working voltage of various proximity switches must not exceed its specification value. Due to internal anti-overload measures, short-circuit or overload is allowed for a short time, but the load current should not exceed the specification value of its maximum continuous working current for a long time, or touch Point capacity value.








Permanent magnet outline structure


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