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GL3 laser scriber

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LP-5 laser marking instrument is a semiconductor laser marking instrument developed and developed by our factory according to the status quo and requirements of the metallurgical industry. It can meet the marking requirements of the cutting process in the automatic production line of plate metallurgy in China.


Principle and characteristics

This product uses a semiconductor laser as a light source, so that the scriber has the characteristics of large optical output power, good marking accuracy, service life of 10,000 hours or more, and small size of the whole machine (or customized according to site requirements). When used in the field, it plays a key role in the shearing of bilateral and unilateral cold-hot steel sheets.


Technical Parameters



Optical power: 0-100mW (adjustable)

Light wavelength: 532nm

Marking line length: 30m (backlighting)

Marking line width: 5mm

Working temperature: -15°C-90~°C (plus air cooling when 45°C or above)

Working time: 24 hours of continuous work


Electrical connections

Insert the laser lead wire into the 220V power socket and the scriber will work.



1. When the ambient temperature exceeds 45 °C, it is cooled with compressed air of 0.3Mpa, and the flow rate is 6L/min, which prolongs the service life of the laser tube.

2. Wipe the laser lens with a mirror paper to remove dust to ensure the brightness of the projection line.

3. When working, do not look directly at the laser head to avoid glare damage to the eyes.

4. The outside of the scriber should be grounded.

5. If the scriber does not need to work, turn off the power and extend the service life.


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