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SWD2 intergral type

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The weld detector consists of two parts, the launch and the receiver. The strip passes between the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter emits a series of strip-shaped modulated infrared light. When the small hole near the welding bead is not in place, the beam is blocked by the steel plate, the strip receiver does not receive, and when the small hole near the weld is in place, the light is transmitted through the small hole to the receiver for receiving and outputting a switching signal.


Technical performance

Plate moving speed: 750m/min

Detection width: 300mm

Installation distance: 1.5m (recommended installation distance within 1 meter)

Working power supply: AC110 (±10%) V; AC220 (±10%) V; DC24 (±10%) V

Wiring method: aviation connector (with line 5m)

Output: 1, relay (normally open, normally closed), contact capacity AC250V 5A, DC30V 5A

             2. Level: PNP Normally open I: 100mA V: 60V

Delay adjustment: delay after output pulse (0~5)s adjustable

Protection: Output overload protection (level)

Response time: ≤1ms

Indication: Power and motion are all bright (transmitting and receiving are fully aligned)

Operating temperature range: -25°C~+70°C



1. It adopts infrared modulation light source and synchronous scanning mode, which has strong anti-interference ability.

2. Adopting a receiving and output integrated structure.

3, with action instructions, full light to indicate the launch instructions, making debugging easy to use.

4. Maximum detection speed: 750m/min. (When detecting F10 hole)


Application diagram



Transmitting, receiving: electrical connection diagram



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