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Hot rolled long bar (bar and wire)

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Hot rolled long bar (bar and wire)

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Designed for tracking and detecting high temperature workpiece in different running stages of hot rolling line. It is important to use accurate and reliable sensors that are not sensitive to bar size, bar position, and bar temperature and can detect bar head or tail in less than 1 ms at important operating locations such as shear control (trimming of the head and tail of the workpiece, or fixed-length cutting) and the detection of sleeve quantity. For these applications, the scanning hot metal detector is most suitable because of its narrow transverse field of view. Infrared detectors with the latest technology can detect temperatures as low as 230 ° C workpiece, used for the detection of workpiece after quenching through water.




Typical applications

Rolling piece temperature measurement: DIT1/SIT1 infrared thermometer.

Looper detection: ht2/3 (mechanical), HT6(imaging two targets), HT8 (mechanical photoelectric scanning).

Rolling piece position detection: RJJ/SRJ6 thermal metal detector.

Flight shear control: RJJ/SRJ6 thermal metal detector.

Cold zone location detection: A100 type area sensor.

Severe fog: IL fog - penetrating laser detector.

Bar counting: SCB1 bar automatic counting steel system.



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