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SRJ6 scanning hot metal detector
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SRJ6 scanning hot metal detector

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How it works

The viewport of the sensor is scanned by a rotating polygon mirror. As long as the hot metal product is in the viewport of the sensor, when the analysis beam encounters the hot metal product, the sensor's sensor sends the signal processed by the electronic component to give a logic state output.



The SRJ sensor is a scanning hot metal sensor that is very sensitive to infrared light emitted by hot metal products.

● The laser sight facilitates the installation and orientation adjustment of the sensor.

● Reliable detection is ensured in the case of a jump in the working position.

● The horizontal field of view is narrow, making the detection and positioning more precise.

● The analytical beam (transient field of view) is small, ensuring reliable detection in situations such as water vapor.

● For the cable application (with iron oxide scale and water vapor), select the most suitable infrared sensor, and the reliable detection can be as low as 250 °C.


Technical parameters

Working voltage: DC240V or AC220V

Field of view scanning angle: vertical 10°; 30°; 50°; level 3°;

Detection temperature: normal sensitivity ≥400 ° C; high sensitivity ≥250 ° C

Response time: 2ms

Output signal: level, push-pull contact


Model Description


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