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Y3/LRD5 laser metal detector
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Y3/LRD5 laser metal detector

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Working principle

Laser metal detectors are available in a variety of applications, such as on-beam, reflective and self-reflective. They are suitable for various applications requiring active detection. They can replace the use of infrared light and red light as the emission source of metal detectors for detecting heat. Where metal detectors cannot be used.



1. The laser is modulated to prevent false starts due to ambient light sources.

2. The red laser beam is used to facilitate on-site target alignment and the working distance is long. It can work from 8m to 30m depending on the detector model.

3. Set a glass lens with airflow cleaning for accuracy in a dusty environment.

4. Choice of high temperature (300℃) reflector or reflector with cooling jacket.


Technical Parameters

Working voltage: DC24V or AC220V

Light source: red light source or infrared light source

Detection distance: 50m for reflection type, 20m for reflection type, 2m for diffuse reflection

Output signal: level, relay, electrical contact

Response time: relay 20ms; level, electrical contact 2ms


Model Description


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