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Laser area detector
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Laser area detector

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Working principle

The detector mainly uses the principle of diffuse reflection (reflection of the object itself). The detector emits a row of modulated laser beams that form a laser grating that is parallel to the opposite absorber (see figure), with most of the energy being absorbed by the absorber. When the object to be inspected (such as a bar) enters the area of ​​the grating, it is irradiated by a certain beam or a plurality of beams, and the object irradiated by the laser beam is reflected back to the detector, and is received by the optical system, and the signal is preamplified. After shaping, it is sent to the digital filter, and then the demodulator and the comparator are used to push the execution circuit and output the corresponding switching signal.



1: Since the transmitting circuit laser uses pulse-modulated light, the receiving circuit uses a corresponding digital filter, so the anti-interference performance is good.

2: This test is not sensitive to cold steel and hot steel, so the object to be inspected is not limited and can be used as a universal detector for hot and cold metal.

3: No circuit is accepted, the beam can be laser type (650nm), and the adjustment and alignment are more convenient than any grating area detector.


Technical Parameters

Working voltage: DC24V

Detection height: 65mm

Detection distance: adjustable from 0.3-1.1m

Measured object diameter: >8mm

Output: relay, level, electrical contact

Response time: Relay: 20ms

                         Level, electrical contact: 2ms


Model Description



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